·         YONKA /THE BEAUTY BREAK (mini facial) 35min $50. - Cleanse soft peeling massage –mask N1 (moisturizing mask) (no extraction).

·         THALGO/BASIC Facial – 50min $70 - cleanse-exfoliate-soft peeling-massage-cream mask (no extraction).

·         SOIN TEENAGER (DEEP PORE CLEASING/BALANCING FACIAL FOR TEENAGERS) 50MIN $80 - cleanse-soft peeling-deep exfoliation extraction-massage-purifying mask Relaxing treatment for all skin types. Base on rejuvenating benefit of essential oil, which works to relax & soothe the body, mind, our Aphrodite facial includes a gentle pore cleansing exfoliation and an anti-stress massage and specialized mask that hydrates and renews your skin.

·         YONKA/LE GRAND CLASSICQUE (DEEP PORE CLEANSING FACIAL) 85min $85 - Cleanse exfoliate Depp pore extraction and mask for your skin type and condition.

·         YONKA/LONG-LASTING DEEP HYDRATINGFACIAL 95min $100 - Cleanse, exfoliate-soft peeling-extraction-massage-double hydrating marine mask

·         OPTIMIZER LIFTING AND FIRMING FACIAL (anti-wrinkle firming treatment) 95min $120 - Cleanse-soft peeling-deep peeling exfoliation-massage-fruit mask (lift mask).





·         Pedicure $34 - Experience a relaxing soak in our luxurious spa chair as we trim and shape your nails and cuticles, lightly massage your tired legs, and finish up with a polish.

·          Spa Pedicure $44 - this is one of our popular pedicures. Soak your feet in Dead Sea salt, exfoliate lower legs and feet, apply with a Sea salt or Paraffin Wax. Enjoy relaxing massage chair and foot massage plus natural Aloe Vera cream, finish nail polish and quick dry.


·         French Pedicure $39

·         Polish Change(Feet) - $13 - Add Design, additional 5$

·         Shellac Color or Gel Color $65

·         Shellac Nails with manicure

·         U V Gel fill $45

·         U V Gel set $55

·         Bio Gel fill $45

·         Bio Gel set $65



·         Manicure - $19

·         French Manicure - $24 - Add Design, additional $5

·          Spa Manicure $ 29 - Include a hand bath, sea salt scrub, or Paraffin Wax, with steamy towel wrap, and enjoy Aloe Vera Lotion massage, finish nail polish and pro quick dry!

·         Polish Change(Hands)-$10

·         *OPI Gel Nails $38 - OPI Gel Nails with manicure

·         Shellac Gel Color $38 - Shellac Nails with manicure